The Robert In Time

The Robert in Time is a game developed during the Ludum Dare 44, a 3 days game jam. You play as Robert, a robot lost in time who have to defeat enemy waves in a cartoony post-apocalyptic world. Robert can use some power ups but be careful: everything as a price and it’s your own energy!

I was the 2D artist on this project. I had to do concepts for the main character & its enemies, chara-design them & conceptualize their animations for the 3D artists, do the GUI and finally some full screen illustrations. I worked with two very talented 3D artists (Taryne Aly and Manon Halvadjian) who modelized and made in motion those concepts.

You can find the game and full credits to the entire team on our Ludum Dare page.

Project for a game jam.

Made with Krita.

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