Hi everyone!

After several weeks of work, here’s my all-new, all-shiny website! There’s some work left to do, but the main things are already here.

Home sweet home

So what’s going on here? First, there’s the home page. You’ll find my latest works and blog posts there. You certainly came from here! Then we have the different categories: Portfolio, Blog, and Contact. You’d have guessed it, the portfolio is the main topic over here. You’ll find in it my latest works sorted by category and chronologically.  After that we have this blog, where I’ll share with you my knowledge, experiences and discoveries (but always illustration and graphic-design oriented!). Finally there’s the contact page, where you can send me a little message or choose to follow me on you’re favourite social media (you’ll find yours, I’m almost everywhere that matters). At the end of the menu bar, you’ll notice a little French flag. You can use it to switch to the French version. Also be careful: if every portfolio work has its French counterparts, it won’t be always true for the blog posts. Some blog posts will be English or French only.

Before I finish, I’d like to thank Jonas Chopin, my webmaster, for this beautiful site and for his infinite patience with my countless questions about how to make everything work.

That’s all folks! Wish you a beautiful day and see you soon in another post!

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